“Necessity is the
 Mother of Invention!”

“I invented this product out of personal necessity. After having surgery, I was in a facility that was short on staff. I would ring for help to use the restroom, and most times, my bladder would not wait for assistance. The result – I ended up with a wet diaper and wet bedsheets. It was embarrassing, uncomfortable and undignified.

There had to be a better way!

After I was released to return home, I had to move slowly and cautiously to get to the bathroom.

Not only was I home alone, I was using a walker. The home nurse provided a bedpan, but I could not lift myself up to sit on it properly. In order to make it easy for me to use the restroom while incapacitated, I invented this product.

See how it works here.


Got-a-P-Puff? is the dignified solution for mobility impaired patients to urinate cleanly
& independently.

“You don't have to ring or call –
 P-Puff will handle it all.”

Convenient for Hospitals, Post-surgical Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Centers, Home Health Care, anywhere patient mobility is limited.

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