What is a P-Puff?

Got-a-P-Puff? is a new product designed to hold urinary incontinence pads for use and instant disposal by mobility impaired patients.

Got-a-P-Puff? eliminates the need for bedpans, catheters or wearable urinary control products.

Got-a-P-Puff? allows mobility impaired clients to urinate cleanly – without additional caregiver assistance or unnecessary painful movement.

Got-a-P-Puff? helps the user live a more independent lifestyle.

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P-Puff will fit most
brands of self-adhesieve
incontinence pads.

Disposal carrier cards
sold separately.

P-Puff has a 21 inch long anti-microbial handle that can be sanitized.

P-Puff ejection lever pushes the wet pad off the tray without touching soiled product.

Health Benefits
of Got-a-P-Puff

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